Wigs for specialist retail trade

DENING HAIR hair wholesale: First-class wigs, hairpieces and toupees for specialist retail

DENING HAIR is a wholesaler of alternative hair. As a wig manufacturer and wholesaler of hair, DENING HAIR deals exclusively with specialist retail trade. The products are subject to the highest demands. The wigs, toupees, extensions and hairpieces are of a high quality, robust and resistant. They last a long time and provide lots of joy. In addition, DENING HAIR wigs look so natural that they are almost impossible to distinguish from your own human hair.

Modern production techniques lend DENING HAIR wigs a certain lightness – both visually and in terms of wearing comfort. The type of processing determines how the hair is applied to the wig's base and what material this consists of. Wigs, hairpieces and toupees are available as synthetic and human hair. Platinum hair, a mixture of a heat-resistant synthetic fibre and human hair, is also a part of the BELLE MADAME wig range and is marketed as the Platinum Hair Line. In addition, DENING HAIR also offers customized production to satisfy every wish.

BELLE MADAME and MANAGER TOP - developed in Germany

DENING HAIR not only deals in alternative hair for the specialist retail trade, importing the relevant products into Germany, it is also an alternative hair manufacturer that develops its especially high-quality brands BELLE MADAME and MANAGER TOP in house. Each model from the BELLE MADAME and MANAGER TOP line fulfils the highest standards with regard to materials and processing.

Not only does the range include medical products and toupees for the specialist retail trade, it also offers hairpieces, extensions and hair cosmetics. To ensure alternative hair customers can be satisfactorily supplied with individually fitting alternative hair products, DENING HAIR offers first-class consultation by specialist employees. In this way, DENING HAIR provides support to ensure its products are used correctly while also guaranteeing the right selection of products and hair quality.

Enthusiastic service: benefits of BELLE MADAME

DENING HAIR has set out its stall to support the alternative hair specialist retail trade as well as it can with the selection of BELLE MADAME wigs. The full range of various collections are characterised by a clear structure. The catalogues are also correspondingly clearly designed. This also allows the end customers to be given advice more quickly without spending unnecessary time searching. Specialist wig retailers also require only one colour ring for each collection. This provides greater uniformity and faster access to the colour of choice.

Informative: catalogues and advertising material

To support specialist retailers, DENING HAIR provides various sales documentation and advertising materials, including various product catalogues, divided into product lines. These are divided according to material (synthetic hair, human hair and Platinum hair, a mixture of synthetic and human), new products or according to product lines (ladies/gents). The required catalogues can be perused by downloading them online or ordered free of charge and sent out by post for laying out in the specialist shop.

The prepared advertising materials are ideal if potential customers need to be made aware of new products. This includes the medical brochures, the representative folders and the purely digital material. All non-digital advertising materials can have the contact details of your company imprinted on the back of them and are suitable for handing out, for example in doctor's surgeries or pharmacies.

Ordering wigs for perusal

DENING HAIR understands that the customer often needs more than just a colour ring to choose from the many wigs available at the specialist retailer. Also, not every specialist retailer can have a wide range in stock. On request, specialist retailers can therefore receive a selection of products to view without obligation. Every specialist retailer can order up to four different wigs for perusal. The right to return these display products applies for a maximum of 14 days from receipt.

To ensure that the products arrive safely and reliably, DENING HAIR uses either the postal service or UPS. This gives the option of cheap standard delivery or fast express delivery. Returning unsuitable products is very easy. After viewing or selecting a suitable model, the unsuitable alternative hair can be returned. DENING HAIR uses, amongst others, UPS return services. The UPS returns slip should, if required, be requested when ordering, to ensure a secure and fast return process. The return delivery can then be requested over the telephone.

The stocks at DENING HAIR save time. Since the alternative hair wholesaler keeps its products in stock all the time, all BELLE MADAME and MANAGER TOP products can be delivered immediately. In addition, there is no minimum order quantity. Specialist alternative hair retailers only need to order what they will sell. Only the custom made products need more time.

Delivery times

A customer's sense of well-being often increases enormously if the order arrives quickly. DENING HAIR knows how important a speedy delivery can be. This is why all stock orders which the alternative hair wholesaler receives by 14:30 are dispatched on the same day. Orders received after this time will be sent out the next working day. If the order involves a tailor-made item, this can be delivered within 8 to 14 weeks after receipt of order.

Medical wigs for illness or treatment-related hair loss

Some diseases or their treatment are accompanied by intense hair loss. A typical example of this is chemotherapy for cancers. Hair is sensitive to this and in many cases it falls out. It can take some weeks after completing treatment until the fullness and length needed for a short hairstyle is regained.

Many women bridge this period with a wig, which in this case is termed a medical wig. In many cases, health insurance will subsidise the purchase of a wig on the recommendation of a doctor. The subsidies are not so easy to fathom due to the constantly changing lists of services covered by the health insurers. On request, specialist alternative hair retailers can advise and support customers with their insurance application.

Telephone advice for specialist retailers

Should specialist retailers have any questions on the range, the friendly staff at DENING HAIR are happy to help. The wholesaler for alternative hair can be contacted by phone from Monday to Friday during business hours (9:00-17:00). + 49 40 450 17 20