Bonding Accessories

Bonding: Liquid adhesives & care products

  Size Art.No. Description / Use
Track-Safe 15 ml
150 ml
Medical liquid adhesive for permanent full head attachment
for up to 4 weeks (bonding method A)
Track-Power 40 ml
150 ml
Alternative for Track-Safe with higher adhesive strength, particularly suitable for high outside temperatures,
high air humidity and stronger transpiration of customer
Skin-Bond 40 ml
150 ml
Medical liquid adhesive, specifically for Poly (PU-Skin) Systems (Polyurethan),,
alternative for Track-Safe
Ultra-Bond 125 ml 5056 Medical liquid adhesive for permanent full head attachment
for up to 4 weeks (bonding method)
Ultra-Bond-Touch with brush 40 ml 5056-Touch Thinner version of Ultra-Bond, to touch-up (bond) lifting areas as front and sides and for attachment up to 2 weeks
Tight-Grip with sponge 40 ml 5054 Front-attachment for lace and PU, attachment for up to 2 weeks
Brown Liner Roll 25 mm × 2,7 m 5053 Adhesive tape with tissue for edge-bonding with Track-Safe
(bonding method C)
Blue Peeling Gel 200 ml
1 litre
Peeling gel to deeply clean skin,
removes dandruff, scaling and crustration
Blue Deep Clean Shampoo 200 ml
1 litre
Deep cleaning of skin and hair to remove fat and oil
Citrus Cleaner 1 litre
5 Liter
Cleaner with citrus oil, cleaning of hairsystem and to remove bonding adhesives
Track-Safe-Remover 200 ml 5055 Dissolves and removes hairsystem from scalp, suitable for all bonding adhesives,
spray bottle, mild on skin
Sponge for application of Track-Safe 6 pcs. 4097 Cosmetic sponge to apply Track-Safe thinly and evenly, disposable