Cosmo Hair


COSMO HAIR is a heat-resistant synthetic hair fibre. The fibre is made from polyester and is used without adding human hair. The synthetic fibre is very soft and hair fall is natural. COSMO HAIR is the alternative to human hair!


  1. Maximum heat-resistance is 230 degrees Celsius.
  2. 100% synthetic hair. No human hair is added.
  3. COSMO HAIR is thinner than normal synthetic hair and similar to human hair.
  4. COSMO HAIR is less shiny than normal synthetic hair which imitates the shine of human hair.
  5. The hair is very soft and hair fall is natural. Grip and feel like human hair.
  6. Hair does not tangle and can be used permanently (day and night).
  7. High colour resistance.
  8. Good knotting resistance i.e. knots last longer.



The hairsystem MT-Lace offers a Lace-Front-System with a stable open front. Light hair styles are possible while PU is not shining through.

The base material is made of fine Welded-Mono. The front is made of 0.5 cm wide and single-layered Welded-Mono with Scallop-Front (Flower-Front). Behind this very thin front the Welded-Mono is 2.5 cm and double-layered. On this part the adhesive tapes can be attached without damaging the knots. Moreover a 1.3 cm wide PU-edge is integrated from temple-to-temple.