Synthetic Hair



MT-410, MT-415, MT-510 and MT-610

MT-410, MT-415, MT-510 and MT-610 are real Easy-to-Wear hairsystems. Due to their pre-cuts, they only need to be customized slighly. The pre-cut is fine and natural. A customization of the hair style (trimming or shorter hair style) can be easily and quickly realised.

The lightness, the nearly invisible Lace-Front and the extremely natural grey colour tones characterise the Easy-to-Wear models.


MT-460, MT-810

MT-460 and MT-810 are both equipped with a SUPER-FRONT that makes the hair appear at the front as if it has grown naturally.

Clear PU-front

MT-800, MT-430, MT-450

The transparent clear PU-Front offers a custom made order ex stock. The extra-thin PU-front can be individually cut (receding hairline). Moreover it is very natural and longlasting. This hairsystem provides high flexibility and immediate delivery at the same time.

Stable PU-Front

MT-300, MT-400

MT-300 and MT-400 are made of fine monofilament and have a PU-edge. The PU front is stable and therefore particularly durable. MT-300 and MT-400  are uncut raw toupees which needs to be cut according to individual requirements. This can be a little more time-consuming compared to other models, but it also offers more possibilities.