Belle Madame


Since decades the trademark BELLE MADAME acts as guarantor for first-class products which is also valid in respect of hair extensions. Only high-grade human hair of Indian provenience is treated with care.

KERATIN-EXTENSIONS are hair strands with keratin-bondings. The bondings are melted with heat and modulated into clients' hair. The keratin-bondings are long lasting and have colour identical to hair-colour. The V-shape allows quick and precise application and flat bondings.

TAPE-EXTENSIONS are hair strands in a PU-base with adhesive tape. TAPE-EXTENSIONS are characterized by their easy handling. The clients’ hair is taped between two TAPE-EXTENSIONS without extra heat. In addition, the adhesive tape is interchangeable, whereby the strands can be used several times.

22 colours in two hair lengths are available directly ex stock.