Wig Requirements

Service for maximum well-being

  1. Safe hold
  2. Natural look - do not differ from natural hair
  3. Help / assistance with use and care

Quality features of a wig & service of the alternative hair specialist

What has to be considered when purchasing a wig?

The following points are crucial for a wig to appear natural:

  • Flat forehead hairlines that correspond to the natural hair growth direction
  • Thin hair, i.e. no volume at the forehead hairline
  • Natural shine using the right care products
  • Professional and regular cleaning and care
  • No protruding hair at the back of the neck
  • Natural-appearing hairlines
  • Natural hair volume, i.e. matching the hair type and volume of the hair wearer
  • Natural hair color due to multicolour and / or dark root colours
Service of the alternative hair specialists at a glance
  • Expert and individual hair style consulting
  • Cap customisation for a perfect and safe fit
  • Individual customisation for a natural look in terms of cut and colour
  • Expert maintenance service for your hair system
  • Instruction for correct handling and maintenance of your hair system
  • Help and support, even after purchase
Our Advice

Benefit from the consulting and service of alternative hair specialists. They contribute significantly to give you a natural-looking alternative hair style that you will enjoy for a long time. Moreover, alternative hair specialists finds out about your specific wishes talking wiith you and chooses the best fitting model in the right size and desired hair colour for you. Alternative hair specialists ensure perfect and safe fit by individually adjusting the size. In addition, you will receive advice and valuable tips for the correct handling of your alternative hair style, such as putting on or even for care and styling.