Hairsystems For Permanent Attachment / Full Hair Bonding

The Secret|Hair® Hairsystem feels like own hair. In difference to the classic toupee the Secret|Hair® Hairsystem is permanently (up to 4 weeks) bonded to the client’s scalp realized by medical adhesives.

The Secret|Hair® Hairsystem and the scalp form one unity. Hence the hairsystem is absolutely invisible. Secret|Hair® is comparable with own hair, even when swimming, showering or having a sauna.

Secret|Hair® hairsystems are ideally suitable for permanent bonding. All 6 hairsystems can be easily cut into the required size and are available for immediate delivery in a wide range of colours.

The Welded-Mono styles MT-1000 AND MT-3000 ensure high comfort and very good durability. The foil-toupees MICRO-SKIN, SECRET-SKIN, ACTIVE-SKIN and STRONG-SKIN enable a very natural look and simple cleaning.

Info: Permanent Bonding

For permanent bonding the client's scalp is cleaned with special products and thereby prepared for bonding. The permanent bonding is realised with medical liquid adhesive (method A) or with special adhesive tapes (method B). The connection will last for about 4 weeks.

The customer always receives 2 hairsystems. It enables thorough cleaning of the removed one. This is the basis for professional work and a long lasting connection. Bonding, removing and cleaning is always done in the studio using professional adhesive, cleaning and care products. These products ensure best attachment on the client's scalp as well as minimization of the hairsystem's wear out.