Matrix Hair

Heat-resistant sythethic hair + fibre with 50% human hair

MATRIX HAIR is a mixture of equal parts of COSMO HAIR (heat-resistant synthetic hair fibre) and Premium Remy human hair (Indo Remy Hair). Exception: White hair is made of COSMO HAIR . Therefore colour 60 e.g. consists of 100% COSMO HAIR.


  1. Maximum heat-resistance is 230°C.
  2. 50% COSMO HAIR (heat-resistant synthetic fibre) and 50% Premium Remy human hair (Indo Remy Hair).
  3. Heat-resistance gives a long-lasting hair style (curls).
  4. Hair does not tangle. Hair piece can be used permanently (day and night).
  5. High colour resistance. T he human hair part can be re-dyed.
  6. Good knotting resistance; i.e. knots last longer.
  7. Feels like human hair.