BELLE MADAME Eyebrow Make-Up

Perfectly contoured eyebrows ready in seconds, lasting for hours

The BELLE MADAME EYEBROW MAKE-UP takes seconds to apply for perfectly contoured eyebrows that will last up to twenty-four hours – a really simple way of getting your eyebrows exactly the way you want them.

The powder is semi-permanent, and naturally resistant to wiping and water – even under the shower or in the sauna. The product is especially suitable for women without eyebrows, such as chemotherapy patients, or for women with alopecia, very light-coloured or thin eyebrows, or small scars or gaps as the powder stays firmly on your skin.

The eyebrow powder is very simple to apply – just remove any grease from your skin, hold the selected stencil in position and work with the brush in both directions. You can also vary the angle of the stencil and set the stencil for individual make-up application. The powder only takes around four to five minutes to set; after that, the powder will remain water and sweat-resistant for twelve to twenty-four hours. The beautiful results are absolutely natural and match the desired contours perfectly.

Eyebrow Powder

Semi permanent

  • Perfect eyebrows in seconds
  • Semi-permanent, water-resistant
  • Natural result
  • 24 hours perfect stay

Eyebrow Powder Kit

Art. 6080

  • 1 eyebrow powder
  • 3 different eyebrow stencils
  • 1 brush, instructions

Presentation Kit

Art. 6083

  • 5 colours eyebrow powder
  • 3 different eyebrow stencils
  • 1 brush
  • instructions


Art. 6082
Art. 6082-F (Display + 15 Kits Eyebrow Powder)

Sales display for a maximum of 20 eyebrow powder sets incl. stencil set, brush and 5 colours to demonstrate, backcard German and English, other languages on request

Stencil Set

Art. 6081

  • 3 different eyebrow stencils
  • 1 brush
  • instructions