Hair Quality

Synthetic and Human Hair

When choosing a wig, care requirements as well as individual circumstances in every day life have to be considered. The longer the hair, the more time-consuming is usually the care. Also, the material of a wig is crucial. Wigs are available in synthetic, human and Platinum hair (hair mix of synthetic and human hair).

Compared to synthetic hair, human hair causes more customization and maintenance. Therefore, synthetic hair wigs are recommended for short-term hair replacement in chemotherapy, especially because synthetic hair is virtually indistinguishable from human hair, thanks to modern technology. Of course human hair wigs are a viable alternative also for short-term hair replacement. Subject to good care, they are a class by themselves and can thus meet individual emotional needs. Platinum hair combines advantages of both hair fibres and is particularly suitable for hair styles with straight hair.  An individual customization/cut is possible with any kind of hair fibres (synthetic, human and Platinum hair) .

Synthetic Hair – BELLE MADAME Hair Collection

The synthetic wigs by Dening Hair are made of high quality synthetic fibre and are virtually indistinguishable from human hair, thanks to modern technology.

The decisive advantage of synthetic wigs is the aspect that the maintenance effort is comparatively small and the preformed hairstyle and hair texture ( curly, straight etc.) is retained after each hair wash. A time-consuming styling is omitted. In addition, wigs made from synthetic hair are available in a large choice of hairytsyles and colours.

In order that the wig retain its shape and its silky shine for a long time, proper care with the BELLE MADAME Special Care Series is extremely important. The detailed care instructions for synthetic hair will help you.

Benefits of synthetic hair at one glance:

  • Easy care
  • Ready-to- Wear: wigs are pre-cut and pre-styled
  • Very large hair style and color selection
  • No time-consuming styling after every wash
  • Lower cost compared to human hair

CAUTION! Synthetic hair does not tolerate heat. Thus, any exposure to heat should be avoided. Caution when opening an oven and avoid getting in contact with steam from boiling water. Do not use hair dryer or curling iron.

High-Heat Synthetic Hair (heat resistant) – BELLE MADAME Hair Collection

In addition to conventional synthetic hair fiber, there is now also heat-resistant synthetic hair fiber (high-heat technology), from which some styles from the BELLE MADAME HAIR COLLECTION have recently been made.

Benefits of HIGH-HEAT synthetic hair one glance:

  • Heat resistant: Up to 180 °C
  • Variety: Create individual curls, waves or straight hair with heat.
  • Memory effect: The desired hairstyle is retained even after washing.
  • Durability: Brittle ends can be quickly smoothed out again.

Human Hair – BELLE MADAME Natural Hair Line

Human hair wigs are impress with absolute naturalness and subject to good care they are a a class by themselves. Thus they can meet individual emotional needs of so many women. However, compared to synthetic hair, human hair causes more customization and maintenance.

Benefits of human hair at a glance:

  • Exclusive , very natural look
  • Hair can be styled individually with curling iron or hair dryer
  • Hair can be dyed

The regular treatment with the BELLE MADAME care products that are specially adapted to the needs of chemically treated human hair, human hair wigs retain their shape, shine and natural hold. The detailed care instructions for human hair will help you.

PLATINUM HAIR (hair mix of synthetic and human hair) - PLATINUM HAIR LINE


PLATINUM HAIR is a mix of human and synthetic hair. High quality Remy human hair is combined with a heat-resistant polyester fiber. PLATINUM HAIR is heat-resistant up to 180 degrees Celsius.

Styling & Care:

PLATINUM HAIR is basically styled like human hair. The VITAL SHAMPOO and VITAL BALSAM from the BELLE MADAME NATURAL HAIR CARE range are optimally suited for PLATINUM HAIR. The human hair portion needs the richer and moisturizing care products.

Every 3 - 4 weeks the PLATINUM HAIR should be treated with a hair iron up to a maximum of 180° C. For this treatment the hair must be in dry condition and without any heat protection applied. This treatment repairs and smoothes the surface of the hair. In particular, the proportion of synthetic hair is thereby smoothed. This must only be done in a dry state. The smoothing of the hair structure can be done by the customer at home using a hair straightener. A briefing on this is done when buying the wig in the specialist studio.

BELLE MADAME SOFT SPRAY or other silicone containing products must not be used for PLATINUM HAIR. The silicone cover, which lays on the hair, complicates the transformation and smoothing of the synthetic hair. A smoothing of the PLATINUM HAIR is then no longer possible.

Benefits PLATINUM HAIR versus human hair:

  • Less care and less care products are needed.
  • PLATINUM HAIR keeps its shape (curly or straight) due to heat-resistant polyester fiber even after shampooing
  • PLATINUM HAIR keeps its shape even in rain or high humidity
  • PLATINUM HAIR requires less styling (please see above)
  • PLATINUM HAIR has a natural shine through the mixture of less lustrous human hair and more shiny synthetic hair
  • PLATINUM HAIR is cheaper than human hair.

Benefits PLATINUM HAIR versus pure synthetic hair:

  • PLATINUM HAIR has a higher quality look and a more natural feeling.
  • PLATINUM HAIR has less shine than pure synthetic hair (personal requirements)
  • Tangles in the neck – which are quite normal – can be eliminated faster, easier and, above all, independently at home compared to pure synthetic hair, since a hair straightener can be used. Pure synthetic hair, on the other hand, can only be steamed and detangled by the specialist retailer.
  • PLATINUM HAIR has a longer life than pure synthetic hair, comparable to human hair.

Benefits human hair versus PLATINUM HAIR:

  • Human hair is even softer and more natural than PLATINUM HAIR.
  • Human hair allows even more hairstyle variations than PLATINUM HAIR. Forming is easier. Due to the natural waves of human hair, curls are much easier to style. Especially the hair quality of BELLE MADAME EASY-TO-WEAR human hair styles is ideally suitable for naturally wavy hair. If the customer wants a natural wavy or easily transformable hairstyle, the EASY-TO-WEAR human hair models are the best choice.