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Alternative hairstyle and hair replacement: A good wig is not recognizable as such

The reasons why people choose a wig or hair piece are different. Wigs are used as an alternative hairstyle, but in most cases as a replacement for your own hair, i.e. in case of hair loss caused by chemotherapy or Alopezia Areata (circular hair loss). As a wholesaler for wigs and hairpieces, DENING HAIR offers hair supplements and hair replacements in all imaginable variations.

Human and synthetic hair wigs

Wigs made of synthetic hair are primarily worn. Alternative hair specialists prefer to recommend these synthetic hair wigs to their customers if they only need a temporary hair replacement, i.e. when the own hair will grow back.

A further decisive advantage of synthetic hair wigs is the fact that the effort of caring is comparatively low and the pre-shaped hairstyle and hair structure (wavy, straight etc.) is retained even after each wash. The hairstyle of the wig falls back to its original shape after washing and air drying. There is no need for complex styling. Neither humidity nor rain does affect the hairstyle. The hairstyle remains in shape. In addition, wigs made of synthetic hair are available in a particularly large selection of hairstyles and colours.

Customers can also choose synthetic hair for cost reasons. The aesthetic and authentic appearance does not have to suffer, as the numerous products from DENING HAIR prove.

An essential difference compared to human hair lies in the adaptation and care, because the human hair wig can be flexibly styled or coloured, just like the own hair. Human hair is comparatively light and of most natural appearance. On the other hand, the hair care is more complex because human hair often curls a little when it is damp and therefore needs to be straightened more often and also requires a lot of moisturizing care for a silky shine. An alternative is a mix of both hair materials (human and synthetic hair) - you can find these wigs in the Platinum Hair Line range.

Brand quality from wholesaler for wigs and hairpieces

A wig should look authentic and not look like a disguise. On the one hand, this places high demands on the material and production, on the other hand the wig must fit the wearer. It should sit securely, be comfortable to wear and of course last a long time. With the brand products of DENING HAIR (wigs wholesaler) you can rely on excellent workmanship. Experienced experts support the individual selection and give detailed advice on how to handle the alternative hair, which will remain beautiful and shiny for a long time with the right care. The focus is on quality: DENING HAIR as a wholesaler of wigs and hair pieces guarantees high-quality materials and the greatest care in the manufacture of each individual product. The entire BELLE-MADAME range is developed in Germany. A professional distribution system ensures that end customers receive exactly the alternative hair they need and know how to handle it. This concerns high-quality human hair, which is more care-intensive than synthetic replacements, but also synthetic hair, which at DENING HAIR comes in their appearance very close to the human hair models.

Extensive choices and individual customization

DENING HAIR's range of hair lengths, colours and sizes is extremely versatile and not always easy for the end customer to grasp. A layperson does not know about available processing methods, their advantages and disadvantages and it is not clear what to look out for when choosing an alternative hair style: In order for it to be suitable in all respects, there are considerably more criteria to consider than its optical impression. In addition to comprehensive advice, a special service offered by alternative hair specialists is the individual selection and, if necessary, customization of the desired product. Each head shape is different and must be taken into account when selecting a product in order to achieve an optimum fit. Small changes can also be made by the alternative hair specialist if required. Hairstyle and colour adjustments are also possible. For the preservation of quality and beauty, there are specially developed care products that are optimally matched to the product. These are exclusively available for BELLE-MADAME and MANAGER TOP synthetic hair and human hair as well as for the particularly heat-resistant PLATINUM HAIR LINE. The detailed care instructions support in the correct application of the care products.

Comprehensive services for alternative hair

As a wholesaler for wigs, DENING HAIR and its specialist retailers attach great importance to the fact that the observer cannot distinguish alternative hair from own hair. The services therefore begin at the alternative hair specialist with an advisory type analysis and an inventory of individual needs. The natural direction of hair growth is taken into account as well as the hair roots, volume, hair colour or natural vertebrae. Based on this, the alternative hair experts find out which hairstyle or which hairpiece with which attachment is the right choice and, together with the customer, select the desired product.

Afterwards the customers are not left alone with their new hair. They learn how to put on and store their wigs or hair pieces correctly when they are not wearing them. Also after the purchase the alternative hair specialist answers questions and can even professionally clean, care and style the wig. A special service for hair replacement is also the support with financing questions, i.e. with the application for the cost assumption with the health insurance companies in the case of a medical indication.

Custom-made products and special requests

DENING HAIR, as a wholesaler for alternative hair, also offers custom-made hair pieces for men that require the highest precision for an authentic appearance. Special requests can, for example, concern the colour: If the own hair has a darker base, alternative hair can also be adapted accordingly.

DENING HAIR specially trained employees are always competent contacts for all specialist retailers when customers express special wishes. Hand-made hair pieces or toupees that can be integrated completely unobtrusively into the human hair can be realised for any requirement thanks to the DENING HAIR PROFESSIONAL concept for custom-made products. Furthermore, the customisation of all standard models is always possible. Whether it is the hair length, the colour or the hairstyle: DENING HAIR employees need the personal styling wishes for this and together with the size adjustment the commissioned changes are carried out. In combination with a needs-based consultation for the handling of the alternative hair and the suitable care products, a first-class service from a single source is guaranteed.