Purchasing wholesale wigs

Alternative hair manufactured in house

DENING HAIR GmbH, with its BELLE MADAME and MANAGER TOP brands, is a particularly high-quality wig manufacturer from Germany. The family-owned company from Hamburg has been manufacturing and selling wigs and hairpieces for more than 50 years. As a wholesaler, the company offers a highly diverse range of products through its specialist retailers, fulfilling high standards in the quality and choice of alternative hair.

Maximum well-being when wearing alternative hair

As an experienced wig provider from Germany, DENING HAIR knows exactly what really matters. Two points are the focus of wig production – wearing comfort and a natural look. It is particularly important to feel good in your own skin when medical issues require synthetic hair or hairpieces to be worn. DENING HAIR's product philosophy represents a clear position on this: only with high-quality products, careful processing and that extra level of service can DENING HAIR, as a well-known German wig provider, offer what is really important – maximum well-being.

Quality features for a natural-looking wig

A secure hold and a natural look are always of paramount importance to the German wig provider. Alternative hair has to be manufactured in such a way that it cannot be distinguished from human hair. This of course includes natural-looking hairlines and natural-looking hair volume. The manufacture of many different wig models makes it possible to adapt to the style and hair volume of the wearer.

Flat forehead hairlines are another of the wigs' quality features. Flat forehead hairlines correspond to the hair's natural direction of growth, which is also important for guaranteeing a natural look. To ensure that the right look is found when selecting an alternative hair product from Hamburg-based DENING HAIR, the wigs are offered in numerous colour tones and shades.

Service offers from DENING HAIR

When it comes to the sensitive medical need for alternative hair, good service is indispensable. The highly diverse range of products offers a great selection with much variety. Various sizes, lengths, colours and processing types enable a perfectly fitting replacement for your own hair. To ensure that the result meets expectations, the advice of a specialist hairdresser is required. As such, BELLE MADAME and MANAGER TOP products are distributed via specialist alternative hair retailers, where alternative hair customers receive personalised style advice customized to their needs. This includes support in choosing the right colour as well as adapting it with a hair cut that enhances the wearer's personal style. An optimal fit and secure hold are essential for a natural look – customers also receive support for this from the specialist retailer.

Even more service from the German wig maker

High-quality wig manufacturing means more than just high-quality materials, good processing and personalised adjustments. A natural look with alternative hair always requires the right care. Hairdressers, hair specialists and toupee studios are among the sales partners in specialist retail, where alternative hair wearers will find the right contacts for the correct handling and care of their alternative hairstyle. As well as an introduction, it is also possible to use the professional care services of a trained hair studio. The local alternative hair specialist will explain the extensive services available after the purchase of alternative hair from DENING HAIR. As an alternative hair manufacturer and wholesaler, DENING HAIR is happy to help find a local specialist retailer.

BELLE MADAME and MANAGER TOP – the brands for a natural look

Very high quality, lightness and durability are the key words for alternative hair from the brands BELLE MADAME and MANAGER TOP. DENING HAIR is committed to using its own products, which are developed in Germany. In addition to high-quality wigs, the range includes individually adaptable hairpieces and specialised hair cosmetics for alternative hair. DENING HAIR is a wig maker from Germany which represents a natural look, high level of wearing comfort and security, with an extensive advisory service in a well-positioned sales network. For specialist retailers, DENING HAIR offers a range of special consulting offers.