Human hair and synthetic hair

Alternative hair from the manufacturer

DENING HAIR is a North German synthetic and human hair wholesaler that develops, manufactures and distributes its own product lines. At DENING HAIR, there is an unbelievable selection of alternative hair to discover – including relaxed short haircuts, sensuous long-hair wigs, the widest range of hairpieces and toupees made of human and synthetic hair, as well as extensions providing greater length.

The products stand out with a remarkable diversity in looks and styles. There are numerous colours, lengths and sizes to choose from, to meet any individual preferences. The selection of prefabricated haircuts and colours is enormous. A wide range of different processing types is also offered. If none of the pre-fabricated models appeal, DENING HAIR is also happy to manufacture a unique custom-made item.

Stylish synthetic and human hair wigs from Hamburg

DENING HAIR stands for products of exceptionally high quality. Wearers of alternative hair can look forward to a new sense of well-being with secure hold, authentic look and specialist training by experts. The human hair wigs by the manufacturer come across as very natural – as it happens, similar to products made of synthetic hair.

The lightness also ensures a harmonious look and a pleasant feel, which is a feature of all alternative hair. Another advantage of DENING HAIR products is their durability. Exceptional bases and stable attachment of the hair enables them to be worn for long periods, providing they are properly cared for.

Hair quality from high-grade synthetic hair

There is a choice of synthetic and human hair for wigs, hairpieces and toupees. The synthetic hair consists of a synthetic fibre but, thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, it looks very authentic nevertheless. The wigs also keep their shape for a long time. After washing, waves, curls and straight hair also keep their good-as-new shape. This makes the wigs and hairpieces easier to take care of compared to human hair.

Best quality in the range: human hair wigs from DENING HAIR

Real human hair is used for making human hair wigs. The look and feel is correspondingly unique. DENING HAIR processes only the best hair for these wigs. Human hair wigs feature additional advantages meaning that they can be more individually personalised. Styling using heat as well as chemical and natural colouring is not a problem. So long as they are always well cared for, the human hair wigs from Hamburg are also more durable than those made with synthetic hair.

Platinum hair: a mix of human and synthetic hair

Wigs made of platinum hair contain both raw materials. When styling, it can be treated in the same way as pure human hair and may be heat treated. The hair tolerates temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius.Platinum hair is light and flexible and can even be reshaped if necessary.What is special, however, is the memory effect, which allows the hair to fall back into its original shape, whether smooth or curly, unlike pure human hair.Especially for women who love looks with extremely straight hair, Platinum Hair is a very good choice.The hair remains straight even when it is wet or in high humidity and, moreover, does not need to be straightened after washing.If necessary, new shine can be brought into the hair by straightening with the flat iron.



Human hair wigs from the manufacturer: The BELLE MADAME Natural Hair Line and European Hair Line

Ladies who would like alternative hair in the best human hair quality will find the perfect product in the BELLE MADAME Natural Hair Line or the BELLE MADAME European Hair Line product lines. All models are developed in Germany. They are of particularly high quality and so individual that a comprehensive sales discussion with a specialised retailer is recommended. They will then order the suitable hairpieces and human hair wigs from the manufacturer, or, of necessary, a selection. The selected model can then be individually adjusted when on the head and the style cut if desired. A colouration is also possible with human hair models.

The products are sold by the exclusively selected retail partners of DENING HAIR. They are specialised in giving complex advice and in the sale of products from alternative hair collections. This ensures that alternative hair wearers find the best model for them, they use and care for it properly and enjoy its quality for a long time. First-class advice is always the basis of long-term satisfaction.

The choice of new specialist retailers

Specialist retailers who are interested in selling DENING HAIR products have special offers for consulting at their disposal. DENING HAIR is happy to hear from you.